Webform that populates dropdown boxes with a view


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I'd like to create a series of webforms that all have a select list in common. I would like to populate the select list with all items of a specific content type. Searching the web, it looks like this is possible, but I'd need to write a module. Is there any way to do this without having to use a custom module?


My workaround is to create a content type and use the add link for that content type instead of a webform. This requires a little bit more configuration and I haven't determined whether or not I can make it send an email after a new item has been added, but it's working and looks clean. This allows me to use any other content types as Entity References with a select list widget.
I have it set to add the content as unpublished, then created a view that site administrators can see that shows all unpublished content of that type. This allows for easy viewing of new entries.


That's a good approach! If you'd like to trigger emails, look into using the Rules module.

On the Modules page, enable the Rules UI module, then use it (Configuration -> Workflow -> Rules UI) to assign actions to certain events.

For example, set the triggering event to "Node: After saving new content" and the action to "System: Send mail" if you want the system to notify someone every time somebody creates a new page of any type. (The specific configuration options will depend on your particular needs, of course.)