When you can't see the edit button, what next?


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Our blog page is not rendering correctly, but I cannot get an "Edit" link to try to fix it!

The navigation sidebar is gone and the footer is not rendering correctly.




I'd investigate two things: your menu and your views, since the Blog feature is a view that generates a menu item. Click the "list links" option from the gear that appears when you hover over your navigation menu block to see if the Blog menu item is missing or disabled.

To edit the Blog view, you can go to your administration menu and select Structure -> Views.


Thanks. The navigation menu shows up on all other pages, just not the blog. It is called "Research Log" on our menu, so it does appear when you go to "list links"

The blog is there, but once you go to that page, you can't navigate back. It looks like somehting in one of the entries caused a problem?

I'm not seeing anything in the 'views' menu that looks awry.


Nice catch! Your instincts are right on the money. If you look at your page source and inspect the opening and closing div tags, you'll noticed that there's a mismatch. This is caused by some HTML within a blog entry.

Here are instructions for dealing with this: https://drupalcloud.mit.edu/community/news-and-blog-text-formatting



Now I have this problem on the news page for emanuel.mit.edu and I haven't even done anything with it, so how did I break it? :(