What is the process for adding CSS styles to my site?

Drupal offers a simple process to insert CSS styles into your site to change the look of your content. This process uses the CSS Injector module. The process requires some experience with HTML and CSS coding but does avoid working directly with style sheet files. The module provides you with an interface for adding your style rules.

There are two steps.

  1. Review the html code to find the location of the content you wish to style within the code structure.
  2. Create a new CSS rule using the CSS injector module.

You can use a code inspection application which helps to pinpoint the location or simply read the code directly. Once you have found the right location to add your style, you create a new CSS rule to apply at that location.

Firebug is a useful developer Add-on for the Firefox browser and will be used to illustrate the process of using the CSS Injector.