This page lists additonal resources for learning more about Drupal. Let us know which resources you find helpful or which others to include by posting your feedback in the Community area of this site.

General Help

Specific Topics

Help within Drupal

The first place to look for an explanation is right on an overlay screen. You will often find explanations of the options on the page along with links to more information.

The Help menu on the Administrator Toolbar is a good place for basic information.

MIT Resources

The MIT Drupal Cloud service

The MIT Drupal Cloud Community

The MIT Drupal Cloud Help

Resources for Web Publishing at MIT

MIT Communications Initiatives
If you have design needs beyond what the Drupal Cloud themes offer or would like assistance with content strategy, CI can help. We provide designer referrals, recommendations for branding and guidance on your site map/information architecture. In addition, CI advises on overall communications strategy and social media.

MIT Image Library
The MIT Image library, hosted on Flickr, provides photographs for use in MIT websites, print projects, and social media. The photos are available exclusively to the MIT community at no cost. To get started, please review our guidelines for using the photos.

Sites With Documentation and Videos

Note: Some of these videos or articles may show slightly different screens or discuss modules not implemented in the MIT Drupal Cloud service.  These have been included because they provide a good general overview on the topic. - documentation and videos - you will find several video courses by searching for Drupal

Drupalize Me - look for the FREE videos or get a membership for $45/month.

Got Drupal? - scroll through blog entries for useful videos or access these within the topic headings below.

Specific Topics

Administrative Interface

Drupal 7 Essential Training - see Module 5: Touring the Administrative controls ( course module)

Creating and launching a website

Plan your site (web page at MIT)

15 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website (web page)

About Google Analytics (web page at


Adding Content on Drupal 7 (web page at

Drupal 7: Creating Content Types (video at Youtube)

Modifying your theme

Drupal 7 Essential Training - see Module 6: Changing site information, graphics, and interface ( course module)

About Google web fonts (web page at

Understanding Drupal's Block System (video at GotDrupal)

Drupal 7: Creating and Editing Custom Themes ( course)

Roles and Permissions

Drupal 7 Essential Training - see Module 10: Managing Users ( course module)

Users, permissions, and roles (web page at

Users, roles and permissions (web page at


How To: Using Drupal Webform for useful feedback (video at GotDrupal)

Drupal Module: Google Analytics Module (video at GotDrupal)


Drupal 7: Intro to Views (video at Youtube)

How to: Using Drupal Views module (video at GotDrupal)


How To: Leverage Drupal Taxonomy (video at GotDrupal)