What is a content type?

Websites contain many different types of information. Each individual set of information is called a node. A Content Type is a set of fields for a particular type of data.  For example, the simplest content type is a Basic page. A Basic page has two fields - a field for the node title and second field for the body into which the node content is placed. The title and body fields display information to the user.  Additional fields for a node store url and redirect settings.

In addition to the fields, certain settings are also be associated with a content type, for example, publishing options, page comment options and options for which menu will display this content type.

You can also add new content types to meet your needs. For example, suppose you were planning a meeting or conference for which people had to register.  You would need to collect certain basic data about each attendee. To do so, you might create a content type with fields to capture, store and display contact information, payment information, session information, housing information, etc.

Drupal Cloud comes with several content types which are explained in the next section. Any content type may be edited by adding, deleting or modifying fields or options.