How can I add additional menus to display on my pages?

Drupal Cloud provides a Main menu block for your site links, located by default in the Sidebar first region on the left of your page. You can add and edit links and create a hierarchical structure for your menu. There are other menus available such as the Content Management menu which displays frequently accessed options. You can edit these menus and create your own menus as well. (see FAQ, Make basic menu changes).

Menus are created as blocks. These menu blocks are then placed in a region and appear in that region unless moved to a new region. The Menu block module allows you to use the same menu in multiple locations and lets you control which level of the menu is displayed.

The first example below shows the Level 1 links of the Main menu horizontally at the top right of the page. The Level 2 links under Academics are displayed on the left.

In the second example, the Level 1 links display across the page and the Level 2 and Level 3 links are shown on the left.

Note: The CSS injector module is used to style the menus.

The Menu block module will help build this layout. It must be enabled before it can be used. Since this layout requires two separate menu blocks, each showing different menu levels, two new menu blocks need to be created.

The process includes the following steps:

  1. Enable the Menu block module. Do this once.
  2. Click Structure, then Blocks, then create a new menu block. Be sure to select Main menu for the Menu name and set the depth to display only Level 1 links.
  3. Place the new menu block in a region at the top, e.g., Top panel first.
  4. Format the block to display horizontally (see FAQ, How do I style a menu?).
  5. Create a second menu block, also using Main menu for the Menu name. Set this to display showing only Level 2 and deeper.
  6. Place this new block in a region on the side, e.g., Sidebar first.
  7. Disable the default Main menu block by choosing  - None - in the region popup menu.

The next FAQs will show the steps to complete the process.  For additional information see, Menu block (Drupal 7) at