How do I create a Quicktab?

To create a Quick Tab:

  1. Click Structure, then Quicktabs.
    structure: quicktabs
  2. Click Add Quicktabs instance.
    quicktabs overlay
  3. Add basic information about your quicktab
    quicktabs overlay - top
    1. Enter a title for your quicktab
    2. Leave Renderer on the default choice quicktabs
    3. Choose a style for your quicktab
    4. Select a default quicktab (you will need to define the tabs first)
  4. Choose how the content of tabs should be loaded (read the explanation before choosing)
    quicktabs overlay - middle
  5. Decide how empty tabs will be displayed  (read the explanation before choosing)
    quicktabs overlay options
  6. Enter a tab title
    quicktabs overlay - bottom
  7. Select the type of tab and then select the actual content tab types include blocks, views, nodes, qtabs (other quicktabs already created) or callbacks (JavaScript command not covered here)
  8. Choose to hide or show the tab title
  9. Click Delete or Add tab when necessary
  10. Click the Save button