Deleted css code still affecting text


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I was working with the main menu of my site and moved it from sidebar 1 to the features panel and used css code to format it horizontally. I tried to get the second-level menus to appear in the sidebar, but it didn't look right. I put the main menu back in sidebar and deleted the css code. The menu is still formatted horizontally and the level 2 menus are displaying, when they weren't before unless they were clicked on.

I tried clearing the cache on Firefox, logging out and back in and using a different browser (IE) but the menu is still displaying horizontally with level two menus.

Has anyone come across this and know how I can fix it?


My apologies. I deleted the code from the menu block shortcut, but not from Configuration -> Development -> CSS injector. The menu is displaying properly now. Why is there two places to enter css code?