Routing users to a log-in screen to access content


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Hi Cloudies,
We have a lot of content that is restricted to authorized users. I'm about to send a large email containing links to this restricted content, when I realized that the links route to the access denied page instead of linking something to log-in to view that content. Has anyone set up a way to re-route the traffic to the log-in page (then subsequently route them back to the page they were trying to access in the first place)? Rules? Changing the 403 page to include a log-in?



Edit: This is for Touchstone log in, not the for the /user page.


I believe this can be achieved in two steps:

1. Create a custom 403 page and add text to the effect of "Please click on the Touchstone login link to view this page."

2. Go to Blocks and add the "Shibboleth authentication" Block to your restricted pages. The programming for this Block contains an automatic redirect so that the user is sent back to the page they were trying to view once they go through Touchstone authentication.