Reroute login after Shibboleth Authentication


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Hi All,
I've tried to redirect my site users who authenticate via Shibboleth (MIT Certificates) to something other than /node/1. Rules doesn't recognize logins through Shibboleth, so I've been unable to use rules to create a redirect. Any ideas for a workaround?


The Shibboleth module configures that "Login using Touchstone" block to redirect a user to whatever page they started on. Note the "?target=" portion of the URL of the login link, and you'll see that it contains a pointer back to the node ID of the current page.

I can think of two ways to handle what you're describing (there are probably others, so I hope someone else chimes in, too):

Assign the Shibboleth block to appear on the page where you want users to end up, and link them to that page to log in.

Use a link to that specific target URL as your login link, instead of the self-configuring Shibboleth block. For example, this link will log you in and take you to the About page of


Option #2 is what I've been looking for this whole time! Genius. It also allows me to customize my login block a bit more than the Shibboleth generated block (using images as the link instead of text, for example).

What's more, you've finally given me the information I need to make everything work the way I wanted to without having to do my alternate solution, which was to make a role-specific context and reconfigure my entire site around a single issue. Thank you!