No background image - causes mesh


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I was trying to use a solid color for the background image, so deselected all images in the Dynamic Background section.

It seems like Drupal is now by default showing a grid/mesh pattern as its replacement for "no image." I can't get rid of this, at all. I can change the color of it, and even get it to stop repeating all across the background, but I can't get it to just disappear without using an actual background image.

Can anyone offer any insight? I swear I came across a description for this mesh/grid/pattern somewhere along the way in the Drupal navigation pane, but can't find it anywhere now.

Here's the site as it looks now, with the grid fully visible:

Adding to the CSS injector:
body {
background-repeat: no-repeat;
results in this - (gray default "no image" sitting in the top left)

Adding to the CSS injector:
body {
background-color: blue;
results in this - (blue mesh structure)

Truth be told, I kind of like the grey mesh background; it provides a nice contrast. But I'd really like to know what's going on and how one would get rid of it!


It looks like the background pattern is embedded in your theme (I'm assuming it's Corolla). Go to Appearance>Settings>Corolla to select options about your theme. Then when then menu pops up, go to the "box shadows and textures" tab. Under body texture, select "None" and save.