Can you set a target attribute on menu links?


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The ability to add attributes to menu links does not currently exist as a feature in Drupal core or Drupal Cloud. There are workarounds, but in my opinion they aren't very desirable: using javascript injector to create a script that creates attributes, or making a custom menu-like block with your attributes in it.

Definitely a good feature to include in a future release. We have our eye on a few contributed modules that will provide this type of functionalty.



Maybe I don't understand the question...I'm a bit confused, I was able to put a "target="_blank" on my menu item

check out the second Lorenz Center Link here

Please contact me when I can take it down after you check it out.



Clearly I have a quotation mark issue there, oops!


NO NO NO sorry I am totally wrong, I could have sworn that this worked before APOLOGIES!!