Restoring default settings


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After i made some changes to my site, the top admin toolbar was missing. How can I restore my site to default settings?


If you need to return your site to a previous state, you can request that it be restored from backup by emailing

However, before taking that step, which will cause you to lose any changes since the backup was done, check to see if you got logged out of the site. Click on the Touchstone link again to log in, and see if the admin menu appears again. If you have accidentally hidden your shibboleth block (the one that contains the Touchstone link), go to the /omg/login URL on your site and log in from there.

If you verify that you are logged in, and you still aren't seeing the admin menu, it's possible that you've hidden it with some custom CSS (if you used CSS Injector) or perhaps you turned off the Administration Menu module.

In either case, if you are logged in as a content manager, you can always get to the administrative functions directly by using the /admin URL and navigating through your choices.

If you've tried the above, and you still need to reset your site, then send in your restore request.