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Are there any plans to add the Page Title module so that we can edit the page title (HTML title tag)? If not, how else can I do this currently?


The page title tag behaves the default "Drupal way," meaning it follows the pattern: [node title] | [site name]

That particular module you mentioned hasn't been updated in two years, so I'd be hesitant to add it here.

If anyone knows of a well-maintained module that would be good for Drupal Cloud, please post a recommendation here.


Though it is more limited in functionality, how about the "Exclude Node Title" module? A new version was released just a few months ago. Removing the node title is exactly what I'd like to do.



@konings, I use CSS to display:none; titles that get in my way and then add if/what I want in the node copy.


That sounds like a great idea, thanks very much! I am not sure how to access the page title through CSS, though (to clarify, I'm interested in changing the HTML meta-tag, e.g. the title in the head tags). How do you get at that specific title?


@konings, I misunderstood you. I was referring to the h1#page-title in the body of the site content. I've wanted to change the top title in the header as well but we don't have access to that. It takes the Page Title you set in the node form and adds a vert bar then the site name. If you can adjust those to suit your purposes, that's the best you've got at this time that I know of.