Auto Capitalization of Words in Left Navigation


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I was showing the site to the client and she asked that the capitalization of the words in the left navigation match that of the title of the page. When I edited the page the menu link title and title of the page are exactly the same, and have uncapitalized words: "and the Office of the...". In the left nav, all these words are capitalized. How can the Auto-capitalization be turned off?
Thank you.


Yes. That's defined in the text-transform property in base theme's CSS. One easy way to tweak the default styles in your menu is to copy the CSS from the base theme into a CSS Injector rule, and then adjust as needed. You can get to the base CSS either using "inpsect element" in Firebug or your browser's dev tools, or by pasting the following path into your site URL:


Grab the code between the "Start main-menu" and "End main-menu" and paste it into a CSS Injector rule. The changes you make in CSS Injector will override the theme defaults.


This worked. Thank you!