How to give permission to upload files to drupal


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I've created a new role for my site with less access than a content manager. I want this role to allow edits to pages, including uploading docs and link them in the page.
I can't find the proper permission that allow the role to upload files to drupal. I have granted "content Access", "Administer Menus", "administer content", "create new content"...and it seems to allow the role to edit all the pages, but it doesn't allow them to upload docs to hyperlink them.
Any suggestions?


If I understand correctly, it looks like the missing piece here is to allow this role to use the WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor), the tool that allows you to format HTML and upload files. To do this isn't as obvious as it probably should be (a Drupal thing, not a Drupal Cloud thing).

The short answer is: Allow this role to use the Full HTML text format. Using the Full HTML text format in a page is what makes the fully-featured editor appear.

To do that, go to: Configuration -> Content Authoring -> Text Formats

Click on 'edit' next to Full HTML, check the box next to the role you created, and click the Save Configuration button.