multiple blogs tabs in one website


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I'm setting a laboratory log (a `lablog') using the drupal cloud.
The lab I work for has multiple experiments, so that I would like to set a couple of different blog pages, one for each experiment.
Whereas I can and did create different content types (say, A and B) for each experiment, once I create a new post (regardless if it is of content type A or B), this new post displays on both blog pages/tabs.
I am new to drupal; would anybody have any idea of what I might do to advance?
(I also read in the internet that I did not need to create different content types, but only add a taxonomy class; but then I could not find a step-by-step guide on how to do so.)
Thanks a bunch in advance!


It sounds like the setup described at would suit your needs. Taxonomy can be used to create tags for your blog, but is not required. "B – Set up views for each blog" is probably what you're looking for at this point.


Thanks very much!