My logo is missing


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The logo on my website does not show up, regardless of whether I use the default logo or a custom logo. I've turned it on and off, cleared the cache, tried in Chrome, Safari and Firefox but can't get it to show up. I tried adding the blocks Powered by Drupal and Powered by Drupal Cloud to the header, but they end up on the right-hand side. Same with creating a page with the logo as an image.

Any ideas? Thanks.


I have similar problems. My logo has shifted in position suddenly. This appears to be happening on chrome, but not FireFox.


I may have figured this out. It started showing up for me over the weekend, and now it is gone again. I've been changing themes to play around with layouts, and although I toggled off the default logo in the global settings and uploaded a custom logo (Appearance > Settings > Global settings), that didn't transfer to the some of the themes. I had to set that to each theme individually.

murad - it sounds like your shifting logo has something to do with the css.


Thanks for the info.

I have indeed tried disabling any custom CSS I may have, but that did not help.

The issue is visible on Google Chrome, and it disappears when I zoom out at 90% or zoom in at various degrees. On FireFox, all displays correctly regardless if I zoom in or out. Not sure if this is related to a recent Chrome update, or a drupalcloud issue.


Fixed with the new Chrome V39 update! I guess this was related to their rendering of floated text as multiple lines.