Can I convert responses in webform to nodes?


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I am making a webform for registration and will like to convert the responses into nodes where I can tag the file that was submitted to the person and publish it. Is there anyway to do this?


I don't believe there is an automated way to do this on Drupal Cloud. A semi-automatic method that may work, if you want to go into the intricacies of the Feeds module, is to download your webform responses into a delimited file, manually manipulate the delimited file into a form Feeds will accept, and re-import.

Have you considered perhaps using a new Content Type with custom Fields and having your users create Nodes directly instead of Webform responses? I don't know what your requirements are, so I'm just throwing that out there.


Thanks for the suggestions! I will look into creating a new Content type and create the nodes directly. That sounds possible.