Modifying Layout of User Profile Pages


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I am setting up a site where department faculty bios are being displayed using the user profile pages. I was able to add a number of custom fields needed for the profile pages through the manage fields tab under the account settings section.

However, I noticed that none of the default user fields (picture, email address, user history etc) appear on the manage display tab for controlling which fields get displayed on the profile pages. Ideally I need to control the grouping and ordering of these fields to match the design for the profile pages provided in the design mockups for the site.

Is there anyway of adding the default users fields so they are available for grouping/ordering on the manage display tab? If this is not possible the two workarounds I thought of are:

1. Positioning and hiding default fields via CSS.
2. Adding custom fields to duplicate/replace the default fields (basically for picture and email address).

I will probably go with the second solution if needed. The only complication is for this site content is going to be imported from the deparment's existing Drupal 7 site. On their old site the email addresses and pictures for faculty are part of the user default fields. I am hoping to avoid additional data entry for the department (which I assume would be required if I create custom fields for picture and email address).

Thank you for your help!