Modifying default settings for Events import


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I'm running into problems with the default settings for importing Events from the MIT events calendar, and was wondering if there were workarounds for the following issues:

1. Event titles seem to be truncating to a very short default length, cutting off the full title with an elipsis of three dots. Can the allowed length of the title be increased?

2. I have an upcoming event that is more than 10 days away, yet I would like to show this event on the website. The event is available as a page (, but I don't see any way to create a block showing this content on the homepage.

3. Finally, what about archived events? Obviously someone can scroll back through the calendar page to find all past events, but that obviously isn't practical for more than the past few months.

4. Finally, is there someone to make the events content available to Views, or to bring it in as a node?


Ed Carlevale


I would also be interested in knowing more about the issue Ed described in number 2 above. I'm using the list view of the block, however it appears the maximum setting for the block is displaying events 10 days away. It would be helpful to either be able to raise the day limit or tell the block to return a certain number of events in advance of today's date.