Remove Site Name Header 1


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Is there a way to remove the site name header 1? Since the site name header is added automatically in the theme template, every page of my site ends up with at least two header 1. This is not good for SEO. Any suggestion?


If you're using the MIT Adaptive Theme or the MIT DLC theme, you can go to the Theme settings. At the bottom of the page, under "Toggle Display", you can deselect the site name.


Thanks for your comment. I had already tried it. This option just simply "hide" the site name H1 with css styling, and it does not prevent this H1 from adding into HTML source. Ideally, I want only one H1 in HTML output and unique H1 throughout the website.


It seems that both MIT Adaptive Theme and the MIT DLC theme make site name as H1 in their template. Drupal's Bartik theme actually makes it as hyperlink only, in which I think it's semantically correct. Is there any possibility that Drupal Cloud team can address this issue?


You raise an interesting point and I've started to do more research on this. I just checked my non-Drupal Cloud sites and you're right that the site title, whether hidden or not, is not using an H1 tag. That leaves the individual page title with the only H1 tag on any given page.

However, I'm willing to bet that Google doesn't have much trouble or waste too much time dealing with two H1s on a page, most especially if one is tagged "invisible-element."