Password protected page


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How do I create a password-protected page so that I may only have invited viewers log into my site?


I am also interested in this issue.


1. Create an account for the user, if the user doesn't already have one. If you set the username and password to the user's Touchstone email, I believe Touchstone recognize the account. You can also assign a username and password login to the user, but that'll likely be less secure.

2. Create a new role and give your user that role.

3. Enable the "Content Access" module.

4. Edit the Content Type for the page you want to password-protect (Structures < Content types). Click on the "Access Control" tab and check the setting for "Enable per content node access control settings" under "PER CONTENT NODE ACCESS CONTROL SETTINGS."

5. Create your password-protected page and save it.

6. Once you've saved the node, you should see a new "Access control" tab appear. Uncheck all editable boxes and give the role you created in step 2 "View any page content" permission.

And I think that should do it.