"Full Text" entry in biblio content is disabled/not working!


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When I create the biblio content, the "full text" entry seems disabled somehow! The "full text" entry is there but when I click on it nothing shows up. It worked the first day I created the biblio but one day later I realized I had this problem.

I have checked the "permissions" under the "people" tab and it's not a permission issue. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Thanks a ton!


Are you creating new biblio content or editing existing content?

Are you able to select a different Text Format (beneath the Body)? If so, does anything change when you select a different Text Format?


I face the same problem in both editing an existing or a creating a new biblio.

Well, the "full text" tab is completely blank. Do you mean changing the Text Format in the Body tab? actually I don't have the body tab as I remember I deleted it as recommended in (https://drupalcloud.mit.edu/community/creating-collections-biblio). But changing the Text Format in other tabs like Abstract does not change anything!



Okay, I think I see. The "full text" tab normally shows the "Body" field, but since you deleted the field, that tab is now blank. If you need to add the "Body" field back, you should be able to do so with the following steps:

1. Log in to your site and go to https://[your-site.mit.edu]/admin/structure/types/manage/biblio/fields and scroll down to near the bottom of the page, where you should see a line for "Add existing field".
2. In the "Field to Share" dropdown list, select "Long text and summary: body (Body)". The rest of the fields in that line should fill out with "Body" for "Label" and "Text area with a summary" for "Form element to edit the data."
3. Click on the "Save" button. On the next page, check the box that says "Summary input". Leave everything else as-is and click on "Save settings."

Create or edit Biblio content and check to see if the "full text" tab now contains the "Body" field.


hmm I see.
great! It worked!

Thanks a lot!