Add custom calendar?


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Is there a way to add a custom calendar through the "Configure Events Calendar" menu, or does it have to populate from an established MIT group calendar? I'd like to run my own, non-MIT related events calendar, but I can't seem to figure out if this is possible.


The MIT Events function is built to specifically pull events from the main MIT calendar, so you can't use it to also display your own.

However, since you as a content manager have the ability to create custom content types and views, you could build your own that way. Create your own event content type with the fields that fit your needs, then create a new view to display that content type.

From the admin menu at the top of your screen, choose Structure -> Content Types -> Add new content type.

Define your fields and settings. When that's ready, create your view.

From the admin menu, choose Structure -> Views -> Add view from template.

Find the line that corresponds to the field and content type you just created, click add, and configure the view.

For more information about how to work with views, see the FAQ and Resources pages in the help section of this site.