Could we add a rotating carousel of images


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Is it possible to add jQuery libraries to bring in new features like a rotating banner on the home page?


It is not currently possible to upload and install jQuery libraries in Drupal Cloud. However, you can add JavaScript into page or block content, so building a carousel using a content type and the Views module, along with your own CSS and JavaScript, is possible. Here are a few relevant discussions:

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Is there a slideshow module built into drupalcloud?

Any tips/resources for adding images/photos in simple and/or creative ways?

We are working on adding features to Drupal Cloud to make creating slideshows, carousels, and galleries easier, and welcome any ideas community members have.


If you are looking for some auto-rotating ones or captions, take a look at what we put up at, and It utilizes JS and JQuery in a block using an unrestricted text formatting type.


Thank you very much for your responses and sharing these sites.


I implemented the image carousel found at as it was recommended and implemented by another Drupal Cloud user.
However it will not work.
I created an unrestricted text formatting type and loaded
the js code into the page. I also added the css code to the CSS injector.