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I've been working to build my personnal page here: srochat [dot] mit [dot] edu. However, the page doesn't appear the same when I add "https://" before the url (e.g, the calendar shows up in the right column only when the url contains https://).
Is there a simple way to make sure both urls lead to the same version of the page?




Yeah, thanks, but I did empty the cache a couple times, and still couldn't have a match between what appears with or without the https:// in the url...


This looks like a cache issue upstream from the site itself - https:// pages seem to not be cached (which is expected) but the http version looks to be cached at maybe the Boost layer? (the css injector stuff you added for the translucent background in blocks is not present in the http version, too)


The two versions are matching now. The notes from the Boost update ( say that "Due to another caching layer which is separate from Boost, you may experience a few minutes delay for new changes to be visible over http"--sounds like what's happening here.


If you go to Config > Dev > Performance you can set your caching to "never" while you're developing your site to avoid this as much as possible. Don't forget to turn caching back on when your live in production though to improve site performance.