Three quick things you can do to make your site look more unique


  • Tip / Idea

When you get a Drupal Cloud site, it comes pre-configured with a few starter pages, a news feature, a blog feature, and a default look and feel. You can get started entering content right away, but here are three quick things you can do to make the site more "you" and less "default":

  1. Change your site name! The name you enter here will be shown as your main site headline, and as the site name in the browser title bar. You can also enter a slogan, which will be shown in smaller type below the site name.
  2. Change (or remove) the background image! Sure, the Stata building is cool and all, but what if it has nothing to do with you or your site purpose? Change it! Don't look like everyone else. The Drupal Cloud team provided a few default background images to show you the possibilities, but you don't have to stick with those. If you don't have an image handy that will work as a background (sometimes it's tough to find one that doesn't clash with the content), then don't show an image, and choose a nice color instead!
  3. Swap out the default logo! The Drupal Cloud team included our logo here as an example to you, but you don't have to leave it there! If you have your own, swap it in. If you don't have a logo, turn it off, and your site name will work just fine on its own.

Once you've done that, your site will look more like it's yours, and not ours. Now you can get going with putting in your content and configuring the site the way you want it. Use our FAQ section as a helpful guide, and participate in this Community section to share your questions and ideas.