How do I add text content to a node?

There are several things to understand before beginning to add content.

  • The choice of Text Format is absolutely critical to working with content (see the FAQ What are the choices in the Text Format drop down list?)
  • The Body field is the place to put your actual content.
  • You can type directly into the edit area and format your text using the icon-based editor, much like the MS Word ribbon.
  • You can paste text in from another document or web page. Bullets, numbered lists, text formatting and level styles are preserved from MS Word. Note: If you need to clean up text formats from your original document, you may want to try copying your content to a plain text document, then copying from there to your Drupal page.
  • You can work with your source html including inline CSS by clicking the Source button on the icon bar.
  • You can paste HTML source code (click the Source button and be sure to have Full HTML selected or your styles may not be displayed).
  • There are icons to embed divs, anchors, blockquotes, horizontal rules, and paragraph formatting on the toolbar (Filtered HTML only).