How is my site organized?

There are several things to consider in answering this question.

  • Each page is divided into regions, which are determined by the theme. 
  • A region is an area with boundaries and a location into which you place content in the form of blocks.
  • A region with no content assigned will not appear on the page.
  • Blocks may be moved from region to region.
  • Blocks may be formatted individually using the CSS Injector.
  • Blocks may be set to appear on some pages and not others (e.g., the Content Management block appears only when you are logged in).

To see the region map for your current layout:

  1. Log in as administrator.
  2. In the administrator menu click Structure, then Blocks.
  3. Click Demonstrate block regions.

Demontrate block regions

Here is what you will see.

Block region map