What is a node ID number?

In Drupal, each unique piece of content, or node, has its own unique ID number. Pages are nodes and therefore each page has a unique ID, or node number. One way to address a page is by its node number. For example, the URL for the default home page of your new Drupal Cloud site is http:// sitename.mit.edu/node/1. Node numbers are assigned to content sequentially.

You can refer to another page from a current page in your site using a shorter  reference. To do this, simply use the part of the URL which comes after sitename.mit.edu. Be sure to include the leading forward slash, e.g., /node/1.

To find out the node number of a page:

  1. Click Content.
  2. Click the page title to open the page.
  3. Hover over the Edit tab.
  4. Find the screen display showing the URL of the hover link.