Working with the Cybersource module

This module allows MIT staff or students who have registered with Merchant Services to accept credit card payments using a Drupal webform to submit data to the Cybersource credit card processing service.

The module maps Drupal field names to corresponding Cybersource fields, submits the mapped form data to Cybersource, and saves the response into your webform results. In compliance with MIT policy, credit card information is handled by Cybersource and is not stored within your Drupal website.


To use this feature, you must first obtain a Cybersource Merchant ID from Merchant Services. If you do not currently have a merchant ID, apply for a new merchant ID through the Merchant Services site.


The following steps will walk you through the process of using the Cybersource Drupal module.

  • Enable the Cybersource module
  • Create the webform on your Drupal Cloud site
  • Add fields to your webform
  • Enable Cybersource interaction
  • Test your Cybersource webform